Open your beautiful heart,

let's turn it into art.


Whispers of the everyday. Seasons of life. Chapters of your storybook. 

Amy Lucinda Shire 7813
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Pitter Patter down the hall. Squeals on the couch. Piggies caked in mud. Moustaches made of milk. Dimpled hands clutching storybooks. Sand in shoes. Fingers twirling curly locks. Daddies curled around little fingers. Loveys in the wash. Tears and pouts and feet stamping. Coffee on the stovetop. Gappy goofy grins. Boo, I found you.  Lips smooshing lips. Cheeks smooshing cheeks. Eyes sparkling with secrets. Eyelashes dusted with sleep. Snuffles and snores. Wombs whispering more love to come. Heirloom photos telling tales of chapters lived. 

My Story. Your Story. Real + Beautiful Life Stories.